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It has been a very successful three years since we launched the Foundation in 2017.

All the funds that we raise are donated to charities who are involved in either:-

Research projects – so many of these are not funded properly or at all
Pastoral Care – charities who support those currently living with cancer.

So Far we have donated :-   £809,000

£500,000  to The Christie Hospital, Manchester for the research wing of the Proton Beam Therapy unit.  This unit is the first in the UK. Read more…

£81,400 to Maggie’s Manchester. At Maggie’s they offer free practical, emotional and social support to people living with cancer. To find out more about Maggies go here...


£99,000 to Kidscan to fund research into children’s cancer treatments. For more information about what we are funding please read more here…

£100,000 to Prevent Breast Cancer.  For information about our partnership with Prevent Breast Cancer and to understand about the Breast Density Research that we are funding go here…



£30,000 to The Joshua Tree Kids.  For information about our partnership with New World Trading, the Joshua Tree and their new outdoor space go here…


£34,600 to Blood Cancer UK. For information about our partnership with The Alchemist and Blood Cancer UK  go here



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