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About Blood Cancer UK

Over 40,000 people are diagnosed with a type of blood cancer – including leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma – each year in the UK, and around 250,000 people are currently living with the disease.

Blood Cancer UK is a community dedicated to beating blood cancer. They do this by providing expert information and support for those affected and invest in research to find new treatments and cures.

Working in Partnership

We are excited to have partnered with The Alchemist to raise money for Blood Cancer UK to fund two positions, a Clinical Nurse Advisor and a Medical Social Worker.  These positions will support those living with blood cancer.

Living with blood cancer, or supporting a loved one who has been diagnosed, can be incredibly difficult at any time, but the pandemic has been especially tough for our community. People with blood cancer are extremely vulnerable to becoming seriously ill from the coronavirus due to their weakened immune systems, and many people have been shielding since March 2020.

Recent evidence also suggests that people with blood cancer are less likely to be protected by existing Covid vaccines because of the nature of their cancer or treatment. This means that whilst everyone else’s life is getting back to normal, the lives of those with blood cancer are still on pause.

The pandemic has had a huge toll on the mental health of the blood cancer community, both from the fear of contracting Covid and the sense of isolation from trying to avoid it. This has led to a significant increase in demand for specialised blood cancer support services.


Blood Cancer UK is extremely grateful and excited to work with The Tim Bacon Foundation and The Alchemist to fund Blood Cancer UK’s support service. This confidential service is for all people with blood cancer, their friends and family, and for anyone worried about blood cancer. Specifically, this partnership will fund dedicated Support Service roles which will help provide emotional and practical support, and trusted advice about the disease and the impact of Covid-19.

Together we can continue to provide a crucial lifeline for people with blood cancer, their friends and family, and for anyone worried about blood cancer who is feeling anxious, vulnerable, and alone’.


If you would like to learn more about Blood Cancer UK, please visit:


If you are feeling worried about blood cancer or have been affected by the disease please access Blood Cancer UK free and confidential support services here:

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