Anyone for Cricket?

This week saw the annual Tim Bacon Cup Cricket match take place at Harrow St Marys. The usual captains Paul Campbell and Ian Edward battled it out on the pitch. Ian Edwards team batted first scoring 172 runs from their 25 overs. Paul Campbells team fell 7 runs short apparently due to some suspect umpiring. (according to someone on Paul Campbells team!)

It is however all about the taking part! A big thank you goes out to each cricketer who paid a donation to us to be part of the match, and for those who were given a fine that enhanced their donation.

Paul Campbell says:-

“Every year we have such fun at this fixture. Great people, lots of friendly rivalry and the occasional bit of sporting excellence! We were also blessed yet again with incredible weather. And as a big bonus we can raise money for such a wonderful cause in memory of our dear and much missed mate Tim.”

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