£13,400 Donated to Maggies Manchester for workshops

We were very happy to be able to support Maggie’s this Autumn with a donation of £13,400.  It is certainly a tough time for all Charities with most events and fundraising activity cancelled for the foreseeable.   Maggie’s during the pandemic has remind open mainly electronically to be able to continue to provide the invaluable support.  The doors have slowly started to open again and they are enjoying seeing people at their kitchen table again.

The donation we have made is sponsoring their wellbeing programme for one year, helping people with the physical and emotional impact of cancer.  Last year these workshops were attended 1,128 times.

Workshops include:-

Relaxation Workshops – Twice weekly. 

Relaxation helps anxiety and pain, as well as improving sleep and immunity.

Hair Loss Workshops – Weekly.

Practical and emotional support for people experiencing hair loss, often a very emotional and difficult experience.

Mindfulness Workshops – Fortnightly

Learning Mindfulness can help manage overwhelming thoughts and the anxiety that cancer can bring.

Nutrition Workshops – Monthly

Eating well helps build strength, maintain energy levels and manage side effects.

Fatigue Workshops – Monthly

Workshops that help people to minimise the effects of fatigue, reported to be the symptom that has the most impact on people with cancer.

‘I’m having surgery so eating healthily is even more important to me now.  This morning I felt very tense but just coming into Maggie’s and taking part in this group has really helped me’. Eileen



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