TBF & The Christie Partner with MMU to symbolise Hope and Inspiration

During 2019/2020 Tim Bacon Foundation ran a project with Manchester Metropolitan University Art Department to create a piece of artwork.  The piece to be in full view on a wall in the Proton Beam Therapy reception area at The Christie. 

This wall celebrates our initial campaign where the Tim Bacon Foundation raised and donated £500,000 to help fund a dedicated research room within the Proton Beam Therapy Centre.

MMU were excited about the project giving their students the opportunity to work to a specific brief.  One of the aims was to celebrate the relationship between the Tim Bacon Foundation and The Christie and the great work that they do.  The installation was also to symbolise Hope and Inspiration. The students also had to consider a very strict palette of colour.

12 Students created very different pieces and it was very hard to choose between them. Chelsea Waites piece however captured the essence of the brief perfectly.  Astra Signs printed and installed the artwork.

A bit about Chelsea and what inspired her artwork:-

‘Chelsea’s family has had the support of The Christies in the past and being a Manchester girl Chelsea wanted to depict how the city inspires her.  For the piece she chose iconic aspects such as the architecture, the history, the people and of course the Manchester bee.’

Unfortunately due to the Pandemic we haven’t been able to get in to see the installation and celebrate Chelseas’ great work.


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