J W Lees Raise £7,475 for Tim Bacon Foundation

With epic pub tour...

Many thanks to all of the lovely people who were so kind to sponsor me to visit JW Lees pubs to launch our new brand identity on Wednesday 15th November this week.

Charlie Whitting, Editor of Pub & Bar, Jonathan Lloyd, JW Lees Marketing Manager, and I set off at 9am from JW Lees Brewery and by 11pm we had visited 94 JW Lees pubs – that’s one pub every 8 minutes and 56 seconds including travel time.  Many thanks to our friends at AO.COM for optimising our route planning and many thanks too for all of the amazing welcomes that we received at different pubs with cakes, lottery tickets, burgers, spring rolls, Pro Plus pills and even the occasional pint.  The Rose of Lancaster had even collected £50 from locals at their  Quiz Night the night before and it was a real team effort.  Most importantly it was fabulous to be able to see so many landlords and landladies during our day - JW Lees has some great pubs and between us we have so far raised £7,475 for the Tim Bacon Foundation.

There is still time to chip in and here is the link


The first appeal undertaken by The Tim Bacon Foundation is to support The Christie Hospital and University College London in their appeal to raise funds for Proton Beam Therapy centres in Manchester and London, and the charity will also support the Maggie’s Centres who provide much needed free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their families and friends and is a key partner for the clinical services of the Christie Hospital.  So far over £500,000 has been raised, including over £20,000 by JW Lees which is double to amount that we pledged at the start of the campaign.

Although we did not make the target of 100 pubs in the day, I am proud of what we achieved and there was always the danger of aiming too low and then smashing the target, so we have set the benchmark and already there are JW Lees colleagues who have thrown down the gauntlet and think that they can beat us.  So I’m wishing them luck and laying down the ground rules:-

  1. Start must be at JW Lees Brewery – Knox’s Cottage (JW Lees on site pub) counts as first pub visit
  2. 9am start and 11pm finish, so in normal pub opening hours
  3. Must walk over the threshold of each pub for a visit to count
  4. JW Lees pubs only

I’d love to see the 100 target achieved but know that it won’t be easy, so good luck - incidentally the world record for the most pubs visited in 24 hours is 250 and was achieved by a team of 13 organised by Chris Solarz and Ivan Wanat (both USA) in New York, New York, USA, from 3-4 September 2011. The attempt began at 8:44 am on Saturday and ended at 12:44 am on Sunday.  They had two extra hours but most importantly New York must have a pretty high density of pubs and they did not have to navigate the roads of Greater Manchester.

Thank you to everyone who supported us and thank you to everyone for their enthusiasm and sense of fun in making this happen. 

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